Research interest: VIDEO

Improving the society wellbeing is the motor that drives many researches. A special focus is set on the improvement of drugs without increasing health costs and care services. For that, the solution lies in the combination of the technology already available with the smart design of simple drugs. Among the numerous diseases present in our society, cancer is a major public health problem worldwide. In this particular case, metal-based drugs have been widely used, however, the high prospective of improvement is clear and it requires a deeper understanding of their biological interplay. My research focusses in trying to  provide such valuable information and eventually to design the next generation of metallodrugs by merging three basic disciplines: chemistry, biology and technology.
1) Development heterobimetallic theranostic complexes, that could combine the anticancer activity and luminescent properties in a unique species. The objective is to obtain valuable information regarding the cellular behavior of potential anticancer drugs (localization, biological targets, uptake, biological interaction, specificity) using a non-invasive technique such fluorescence microscopy in order to beabletodesing more efficient anticancer metalodrugs
Innovate in the area of PDT with the development of suitable photoactivable metal based PSs. The objective in this part is to develop novel innocuous platinum prodrugs able to efficiently reach tumor cells and to release toxic Pt(II) drugs in a controlled form after the application of light. Approaches towards the development of bifunctional probes able to combine PACT and fluorescence microscopy are also a priority.